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We had guests from Hässleholm, Sweden this week and they wrote this about our town:

Porvoo is a very beautiful city with a lot of of old pretty buildings. It’s the second oldest city in the whole country and one of six medieval cities in Finland. It was founded in the 12th century, it is located at an old trading location called “the Porvoo hill”. In Porvoo it’s very common […]

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My plan after junior high school

English Club 9.2 2013

Now I’m in junior high school in the nine class. I have been now in junior high school about 2,5 years and this time has gone very fast, believe me! Last week in school we sent application to different schools. Many my friends thought that which schools they will send their applications. Before we sent the application we visited in different schools and that was really good idea so we knew about different schools. I sent my application to high school and this high school is called by Linnankosken lukio. I didn’t send application to the others schools because my adviser said that my school grades are good to high school so I don’t need another option. You don’t have to go high school or to others schools after junior high school but if you have a second education you will get easily a job. 95% of people will going…

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Earth and water

Life after junior high school

English Club 9.2 2013

In Finland junior high school has grades seven, eight and nine, so the pupils are 13-16 years old. Junior high school is obligatory. After junior high school your compulsory education stops and you can go for example to high school, vocational school, commercial school or you can just quit your studies.

It’s my last year in compulsory school and after that I would like to go to high school which has more sports than other high schools in Finland. That way I can easily combine my hobby, swimming, and studying. After high school I’m going to go to university. Now I think that I’m going to be doctor, surgeon or something like that. But my opinion can change.Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

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Education in Finland

English Club 9.2 2013


In Finland, school is mandatory for everyone for 9 years, starting at the age 7. When you finish Junior High School (grades 7-9, ages 13-15), you’re going to have to choose the next step in your education.

It can be High School, where you’ll get a general education. High School usually lasts for 3-4 years.
An other possibility is Vocational School, where you’ll choose a certain profession, and get your education according to that.

You can also go to Business College, which has an emphasis on business and economy.
There’s also the possibility of not going anywhere, but that’s highly discouraged.

Almost everyone in Finland will go somewhere, and only a few will drop out of school completely.

I’m currently going through my last year of Junior High School. I have decided to go to High School, because it seems suitable for me and gives me some extra time to decide…

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Theme day

English Club 9.1 2013

Yesterday we had this yearly theme day and this year it was especially about water and earth. We did all kinds of things for example thought and talked about water with our class. At one point we had some challenges like throwing ping-pong balls to plastic cups and transporting paper pieces by using only a straw and bowling with water bottles and a ball. We made the challenges with our class and it was really fun. We watched some videos and commercials about water. Some of the videos were new but some of them were made by us when we were 7th graders. I had totally forgotten those videos and they were pretty nice. We also watched a video which some of the students had made about food in different countries.Then we discussed about the amount of used water when jeans and other clothes are made. In the auditorium we…

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